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The existing bathroom was dated and dark – it required bright colours and all fixtures and fittings to be upgraded.

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The existing roof has been showing signs of ageing and weathering with leaks being temporarily repaired by Dell staff on an ongoing basis. A full commercial roof recovery project would need to be carried out.

A decision was made to completely recover 1500m2 of roof and the remedy 12 other leaks outside of the designated 1500m2 zone. These leaks were identified and agreed between a representative of O’Brien’s and the Dell representative. 


The main challenge to this project was to install the new membrane on the 1500m2 and fix the identified leaks whilst a live working environment was ongoing below the roof works. To this end a specialist supervisor was installed on site by O’Brien’s for the duration of the project.

This was to ensure that the project was carried out in a safe manor, that all safety aspects were strictly adhered to and that during the project there would be no disruption to the workings of the Dell employees below.


The existing roof area would need to be completely dried off before the 10mm HD board was mechanically fixed to the deck with twelve to fifteen fixings per sheet depending on deck variations.

Whilst repairing the 12 leaks it was important not the damage the vapor control layer. The broken down insulation would need to be removed and new 50mm insulation to be installed with new HD board mechanically fitted where required. 15mm EPDM would then need to be installed with spray on adhesive.


1.5mm Firestone EPDM was rolled out in 4m width and approximately 25m lengths. This was installed using a Firestone spray adhesive. As the existing deck was undulating, all low points on exposed edges were water blocked with firestone water block sealant.

The result is a leak free commercial roof recovery and a happy client, as there were no water ingress issues during the project and no disruption to Dell’s working staff.

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