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Efficient Snow Removal Services for Clear, Safe and Reliable Pathways.

Snow Plowing

Snow Removal Based On Statistical And Analytical Data

O’Brien’s specialises in offering reliable snow removal services across Ireland in the event of snowfall. With a focus on safety and accessibility, the company is equipped to clear roads, company car parks, and footpaths, ensuring smooth movement for both vehicles and pedestrians. The team’s dedication to efficient and thorough snow removal underscores their commitment to aiding businesses in navigating challenging weather scenarios.

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Salting Amount

On average O'Briens uses over 8600 bags of salt during the Winter Season! Keeping your business protected.

Visits to Sites

O'Brien's currently gets more than 1680 site visits annually making us efficient in providing winter services.

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There are eight available snow plows working with O'Brien's. This allows us to act fast during any snowfall.


O'Brien's provide Winter Services Nationwide in Ireland with over 30 locations. Get in touch today!

Ease of use

Automatically scheduled

Once signed up to our Winter Services your business will be scheduled based on the Met Office forcast for that day. Easy!

Services all over ireland


We provide Snow Removal and Salting in all areas of Ireland. Get in touch to see how we can help you protect your business.

Be confident that your site will only be cleared or salted based on statistical and analytical data, not on hearsay!


Below Is our fAQ

Winter salting, managed by O’Brien Facilities, involves the strategic application of salt and salt-based solutions to prevent ice formation and ensure safe roads and walkways during winter. O’Brien Facilities utilizes professional techniques to minimize accidents and maintain accessibility.

When O’Brien Facilities spreads salt on icy surfaces, it lowers the freezing point of water, causing existing ice to melt. Their specialized equipment and trained crews create a brine solution that prevents further ice formation and improves traction for vehicles and pedestrians.

By choosing O’Brien Facilities, you can rest assured of timely and efficient salting operations. Our experienced team and specialized equipment provide superior winter maintenance, ensuring enhanced safety for your property.

To be fully prepared for the winter season, it’s best to reach out to O’Brien Facilities ahead of time. They offer flexible contracts for the entire season or per-event basis, ensuring you are well-prepared for any snow or ice events.

O’Brien Facilities applies salt in appropriate quantities to minimize any potential damage to concrete or surfaces. Their team follows best practices to protect your property during the winter salting process.

The cost of winter salting services can vary based on factors such as the property size and the level of service required. O’Brien Facilities will provide you with a detailed quote tailored to your specific needs.

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