Winter Services

Expert Deicing, Salting and Snow Removal Solutions for Companies and Industrial Buildings

salting based on statistical and analytical data

Winter Property Management

Carrying out salting services throughout the country since 2014. Currently salting sites at locations including Dublin, Limerick, Cork, Clare and Roscommon.


Keeping your companies surfaces safe during icy conditions.

Snow Removal

Ensure Safe Passage During Challenging Weather Conditions

Met Office Reports

Stay Informed with Timely and Reliable Meteorological Information.

Safe Contractor Accreditation

Quality Assurance

All of our machinery and equipment is inspected and certified separately by an outside specialist. We only use white salt on all our sites 

One Point of Contact


We own the necessary equipment and salt stock for service consistency. We provide high quality training for operators .

Safety, Health and Welfare Act 2005

Health & Safety

Health and Safety Statement can be provided upon request. All operatives will be trained and hold all required safety documentation.

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Winter Services Image 2

About the Winter Season

At O’Brien Facilities, we’ve been salting nationwide since 2014. Currently, we serve 10 sites across Dublin, Limerick, Cork, Clare, and Roscommon. Our exemplary track record speaks for itself—zero complaints received. Our secret? Early morning action! No waiting till 7 or 8 am; decisions made the night before. Our office and ground teams collaborate closely for effective salting and snow clearance. With dedication, we ensure timely and efficient service, even out of hours.


Below Is our fAQ

Salting and snow clearance involve treating surfaces with salt to prevent ice formation and removing snow to ensure safe and accessible pathways.

Salting prevents ice from forming on surfaces, reducing the risk of slips and falls and ensuring safer travel during icy conditions.

When salt is applied to surfaces, it lowers the freezing point of water, preventing ice from forming and facilitating easier snow removal.

Salting and snow clearance are most effective when done in the early hours of the morning or before icy conditions become hazardous.

O’Brien Facilities provides comprehensive winter services, including salting, snow clearance, and ice management, ensuring safe and accessible environments.

Salting and snow clearance are crucial for various spaces, including roads, parking lots, walkways, driveways, and outdoor stairs.

The frequency of salting depends on the severity and duration of the snowfall. Regular monitoring and application as needed are essential for optimal results.

Typically, salt spreaders, snowplows, shovels, and de-icing materials like rock salt or calcium chloride are used for effective salting and snow clearance operations.

Yes, O’Brien Facilities offers out-of-hours winter services, ensuring prompt and timely response during critical weather conditions.

O’Brien Facilities prioritizes safety and efficiency. Their teams collaborate closely, making decisions the evening before to carry out works in the early morning hours for optimal results.

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