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We provide Maintenance Programmes that seamlessly blend proactive and responsive approaches, all underpinned by a customer-centric culture dedicated to ensuring safety, well-being, and environmental mindfulness. Whether you require comprehensive round-the-clock planned maintenance or occasional handyman assistance, our services are marked by robust quality systems, administered by extensively trained professionals. 

robust quality

We take pride in how well we work alongside our clients, really getting to understand their unique needs, especially when it comes to supporting vital business systems. This approach, which is both friendly and client-focused, is what we believe sets us apart. It helps us maintain high-quality standards and a consistent level of service that stands out compared to our competitors.


By shifting from a reactive stance to a proactive one, organizations can unlock savings ranging between 12% and 18% while fortifying operational resilience.

Increase in total asset lifespan when implimenting PPM
Reduction in reactive job call outs to sites using PPM systems
manufacturing industry worldwide PPM usage
Mechanical failures due to preventable problems

increase in Maintenance Productivity

Up to 28%

This Planned Preventive Maintenance strategy can help you to transform the way your organisation manages its facilities and assets. The best part is that you have the tools to get started at your disposal. Your equipment should have optimal inspection times listed in any manuals, then it’s just a matter of getting a routine in place optimise timing of inspections.

Effective management of non-core business

enables an organization to function efficiently

Planned Preventive maintenance reduces the chance of serious equipment failure and downtime, but there are many other added benefits that routine maintenance, like those listed below can do to help you business run more efficiently.

  • Increase asset total lifespan and improve the assets reliability for an increased time
  • Increase safety and reduce the risk of injury to any employees or customers
  • Improve planning and resource allocation
  • Decrease unplanned maintenance
  • Improve audit compliance
  • Decrease need for expensive reactive repairs that may not be necessary


Planned Preventative Maintenance strategies lessen the possibility of expensive, unexpected or major repairs having to be made by extending the life expectancy of each asset while minimising downtime caused by major repairs of the equipment in the event of a complete failure of said asset.


We present each item in a transparent and open way, we believe that we and our clients can openly and honestly discuss each line item without any concern by our clients of O'Brien Facilities having any conflicts of interest. We can also welcome new specialist providers that clients recommend.


Once the maintenance programme is signed off and in place, the assets and schedules are uploaded to a central, easy to use, on-line database. This software then begins to generate work orders for each maintenance task from the date it is implemented. All maintenance records are then stored for audits.


O’Brien Facility Management software incorporates a full asset register for each workspace and building within your estate. This allows managers to keep track of all asset warranty dates, history and upcoming service schedules. The software O’Brien Facilities uses tracks your equipment more effectively and via a cloud-based system. The user can track where an asset is located, whether it needs repairing and who last checked it. Managing large quantities of similar assets for compliance checks can take time. This software allows you to manage and categorise all similar assets to simplify record keeping.

Ticketing System:

We use industry leading facility management software with all our clients. This allows you, the business owner/manager to create tickets to handle all issues from one interface. This means you can save time and ensure business continuity without the headache. The facility management software that O’Brien Facilities use lets you view job updates as well as all planned preventive maintenance contracts and schedules.

Under our planned maintenance programme you will also be covered by our:

24/7/365 Emergency Help Desk service 0818 306060

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General Contractor

Coordinate and oversee construction projects and subcontractors.

Ad-Hoc / Reactive (24/7)

Ad-hoc / Reactive works address urgent needs promptly.


Facility maintenance ensures optimal operation of buildings.

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