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Site Clearance

Site Clearance is an important part of any construction project, professionally preparing a site for future construction works. Site Clearance is a vital part of any project, and works to create a stable and clear foundation for construction works or landscaping services to be carried out.
O'Brien Facilities offers professional Limerick site clearance services to domestic and commercial clients across Limerick and the surrounding areas, with no job too big or small. We have worked on large-scale projects to prepare sites for large construction projects as well as on smaller domestic jobs to allow for new landscaping design to be installed.

Here at O'Brien Facilities, we pride ourselves in offering unmatched client collaboration, working closely with you to exceed expectations and ensure that your site clearance project runs smoothly. Before beginning work on your project, we will visit the site and offer professional design and planning services to make sure that your project runs smoothly. We use modern equipment and machinery to ensure that your site clearance job is completed to the highest of standards, removing rocks, shrubbery, trees, stumps, old construction work, and more for a flat, even, and strong base for your next project that maintains the integrity of the site’s natural land.

As well as offering full-service site clearance services, our team provides construction services and Limerick landscaping services and maintenance to keep your entire project centralised under the one company.

For reliable and professional site clearance in Limerick and the surrounding areas, contact O'Brien Facilities today.

Our Site Clearance Services

  • Preliminary Design & Planning

  • Full-Service Site Clearance

  • Site Clearance for All Ground Types

  • Construction Project Preparation

  • Landscaping Preparation

  • Large & Small-Scale Preparation

  • Removal of All Greenery, Trees & Stumps

  • Removal of Waste Materials After Job

  • Site Clearance for Domestic & Commercial Projects

  • Flexible & Turnkey Services Available

For more information on our full range of Site Clearance Limerick Services, get in touch.

Site Clearance FAQ