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Our expert grounds staff can carry out a variety of jobs to ensure your outdoor environment is safe and welcoming for all. From mowing and hedge trimming to more specialist tasks like tree surgery and landscaping, we have the know-how to make a difference. And whether you need a one-off tidy-up or a more regular maintenance programme, we’d be delighted to discuss how we can help. During the winter months, we can also provide a highly effective ice gritting and snow clearing service for car parks and walkways. And to complete the range, we can also offer a pest control service via a number of preventative measures.


1. Gritting & Snow Clearance

We provide a full gritting and, when necessary, a snow clearance service for all commercial businesses, visiting sites outside of normal working hours to grit car parks, entrances, and footpaths. This activity is trigger automatically when we receive a daily forecast from our partners, the Met Office, providing you with compete peace of mind that your premises will be safe for staff and visitors, whatever the weather.

Gritting & Snow Clearance

2. Design & Landscaping

We can provide all aspects of hard and soft landscaping services. After an in-depth consultation, we will provide you with a set of detailed plans for approval. Once you are completely satisfied, we will agree a date for our experienced team to start work and keep you fully informed of progress throughout the project.

Design & Landscaping

3. Tree Surgery

Our fully qualified team is able to deal with all aspects of tree management. We can survey trees to check their condition and are equipped to properly assess their true health beneath the bark; thereby giving you all the information you need to make an informed decision and to take the best course of action.

Tree Surgery

4. Pest Control

From the more customary to the rare and unusual, our fully qualified technicians are equipped to handle any pest you may need help with. We strongly suggest that prevention is better than the cure and will visit your site to recommend measures to avoid an infestation, rather than deal with the consequences.

Pest Control
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