Facilities Maintenance

O'Brien Facilities offer a comprehensive range of facilities management services, working with a variety of clients based throughout Ireland. We are able to handle all relevant non-core functions, allowing clients to focus solely on achieving their business objectives. In addition, we can tailor our facilities management services to meet specific requirements, whether you require a general maintenance service or more extensive repairs. We make sure you always have one point of contact, and one person who’s responsible for your project.

O'Brien Facilities adopt a partnership approach with our clients, continuously communicating with them to ensure we are delivering on all expectation. This approach also allows us to quickly adapt to any changes in circumstance, as and when required. We foster long-term working relationships with our clients and are eager to assist them in achieving their objectives. Our team members are fully qualified and have all received extensive training. O'Brien Facilities strictly adhere to all relevant standards with regards to health and safety. 

If you have any queries regarding our facilities maintenance services, please don't hesitate to get in contact with us.

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Our Services

  • Landscape Maintenance

  • Facility Painting

  • Facility Maintenance

  • Day to Day Repairs

  • Fence Repairs

  • Road/ Car Park Resurfacing & Painting

  • Drain and Fire Reservoir Cleaning

  • Vent Cleaning and Maintenance

  • Plumbing and Maintenance

  • Electrical Rewiring and Maintenance

  • Power Washing

  • Product Sourcing and Supply (From Tea and Coffee to Cables and Lights – We’ve Got You Covered)

Facilities Maintenance FAQ