What to Consider Before Starting Your Landscaping Project

Having a comfortable and aesthetically pleasing outdoor space to relax in can be a fantastic addition to any home or office, and is always worth investing in. Not only has it been proven that being outside reduces stress levels, but having a gorgeous garden can also add great value to your property. Beginning a landscaping project can be both exciting and challenging, often lasting for weeks or even months. Before you begin on your journey to completely re-vamping your garden, it’s important to consider some fundamentals of landscaping design to ensure that your project runs smoothly. Here, an expert from O’Brien Facilities landscaping service will bring your through some important points to think about.

What is the Function of your Garden?

Before beginning your landscaping plans, it is vital that you consider what you want the actual function of your garden to be. No two gardens are the same, ranging from large and small to rural, urban, and country. While some people may want a sleek and stylish garden for hosting parties, others dream about having a green garden full of plants, shrubs, and trees. By understanding what’s important to you in terms of your garden, you can give better instructions to your landscaper, who will design a garden specific to the purpose that you require. Some other garden purposes include play areas for children, a large lawn for playing sport, decking for party hosting, cosy snugs for relaxing, wildflowers for an overgrown, colourful effect, and more. No matter what you want the function of your garden to be, a professional landscaper should be able to help make this come to life for you.

Is Garden Maintenance Important?

Another important element of landscaping design to consider is how much maintenance will be required with your new garden. If, for example, you dream of a heavily planted, natural, green garden, but don’t enjoy gardening, it’s probably better to reconsider your options (or hire a gardener!) Unlike interior design, landscaping design is a continual practice that needs constant maintenance. Plants have to be watered, shrubs have to be pruned and weeds have to be pulled- if this doesn’t sound ideal for your space, you may have to think of alternative designs. Luckily, a professional landscaping service will have alternatives for clients who don’t like the idea of garden maintenance. Nowadays, clients can choose from garden paving, artificial grass, artificial plants, and low-maintenance greenery to get the garden that you want without the commitment to regular maintenance.

Think About Location

Location is everything when it comes to landscaping, dictating the overall look and feel of your new garden. Carefully planning the location of plants, shrubs, seating, ornaments, sheds, and other features in your garden will allow you to plan out a design that works for you. Location can really impact the overall atmosphere of your garden, which is why it can be helpful to have an experienced landscaper help you with location and space planning. O’Brien Facilities provides Limerick landscaping services suitable for domestic and commercial clients to help you plan out your new garden in an efficient, aesthetically pleasing, and functional way. We even provide construction services and site clearance to help create areas of natural beauty and space for you and your loved ones/colleagues to enjoy.

Be Open to Change

The natural landscape is constantly changing, so changes are inevitable when it comes to your garden. As the seasons change, your plants will change colours, shed leaves, and sometimes, unfortunately, will die. As well as this, over time the sizes of plants will change, and new flowers can grow from natural pollination. While this can be frustrating for some clients after putting so much time and effort into curating the perfect garden, it’s important to accept this change as something positive. Be embracing these changes, you can see the incredible transformations that nature goes through every season, bringing new and exciting feelings to your garden and making it feel more unique, in a way. For more information on landscaping design tips or any Limerick landscaping and construction services, get in touch with O’Brien Facilities today.

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