Should I Outsource my Construction Project?

When it comes to construction, planning a large product can be a stressful task to undertake alone. Whether you’re a homeowner wanting to renovate or a business owner with a big idea for broadening your company, trying to plan the intricacies of materials sourcing, labour sourcing, and planning documents can be off-putting and time-consuming. It’s for these reasons that outsourcing your construction management can be an attractive concept. Here at O’Brien Facilities, we specialise in Limerick construction management for all types of customers, aiming to make your latest construction project run as smoothly and stress-free as possible.

Full Service Construction Management Limerick

When it comes to Limerick construction management, the team here at O’Brien Facilities do it all. Not only do we provide professional project managers to suit all types of project, but we also offer Limerick landscaping services, facilities maintenance services, and civil works services to cover all aspects of your construction project from beginning to end. Our team of experts will work with you all the way from the initial drawings of your project straight through to material and labour sourcing and project completion. You can sit back and relax in the peace of mind that your project is being carried out safely, efficiently and to a high-level of quality- always.

Looking After Projects of All Sizes

What makes the team here at O’Brien Facilities different is that we provide project management and facilities maintenance services to all types of customer including domestic, commercial, and industrial customers. We’ve worked with small local businesses as well as larger public companies including Dell, Aramark, Bannon, and CBRE to provide excellent service and high-quality solutions every time. By employing a diverse team of professionals we ensure that your project will be completed masterfully, whether it’s a full Limerick construction management service or something small like Limerick landscaping services and maintenance. Our passion and drive in the industry has made us leaders in project management and given us a reputation of exceptional dedication to customer service.

How do I hire someone for Construction Management Services?

If you have a project in mind and would like our help, simply contact our team today on (061) 306060 or email We offer a range of professional advice and recommendations on how best to plan your project, with free quotes available on all of our services.

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