Limerick Construction Services with Years of Industry Experience

If you’re thinking of beginning a construction project and want to hire a team of professionals to help, it’s important that you opt for people who are experienced, qualified, and professional. The construction industry in Ireland is growing year on year, but this, unfortunately, comes with some downsides too- namely; cowboy builders. “Cowboy builders” are unqualified and inexperienced workers who act as construction professionals and usually use low-quality materials and unregulated work techniques to carry out jobs across the country. People usually hire these illegal workers due to an offering of cheap labor and materials. By opting for a “cowboy builder” to help with your construction work, you could be putting your entire construction project in jeopardy and risking serious health and safety breaches further down the line. Instead of wasting time and money on these unprofessionals, why not opt for a professional Limerick construction management company?

High-Quality Construction Services Limerick

The team here at O’Brien Facilities prides ourselves on being a fully licensed, regulated, and professional construction company providing high-quality construction services and management to domestic and commercial customers. With qualifications and accreditation behind us, when you hire construction or construction management services from our team you can rest assured that any job we carry out will be done with the utmost professionalism and using only high-quality, construction-grade materials. When it comes to construction, we take on a comprehensive and wide-spanning approach, offering everything from full- service construction management to materials sourcing, labor sourcing, fit-outs and full refurbishments.

Landscaping Services

After a full renovation or new-build, many customers note that the outside of their property needs a bit of a revamp too, which is why O’Brien Facilities provides full Landscaping and Landscape maintenance services in Cork, Meath, and Limerick. Our landscaping services can be hired as part of a construction project or as a separate service and we work on all types of gardens for both domestic and commercial customers. Our landscaping services are carried out by experienced professionals and include both hard and soft landscaping to suit large and small gardens. We also offer landscape maintenance services in Limerick, Meath, and Cork to keep your outdoor space looking fresh and clean. For a team of professional, regulated, and experienced workers in both construction and landscaping, why not get in touch with the team today for more information?

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